November Exhibits


November 1 to 30:

  • “Blount County Arts and Crafts Guild Member Art” Exhibit, coordinated by Ginny Dockery, will be on the Art Wall at the Bookmark Café, in square pedestal case in the Entry Rotunda, in one Mid-Gallery case near the Magazine Shelves in the Main Gallery and on two easels in the sitting area of the Main Gallery.
  • “Maryville Christian School Student Art” Exhibit, coordinated by Becky Patterson, located on the Art Panels at the Reading Rotunda end of the Main Gallery.
  • “Books for Soldiers” Exhibit, by Kellie Frazier & Karen Fair, Blount County Friends of the Library, will be in the vertical display case in the nook of the wall at the end of the Circulation Check-In Desk of Main Gallery.
  • “Appalachian Christmas” Exhibit, by Linda Marcus, located in the Genealogy display case at Temporary Books Shelves.
  • “Native American Heritage Month” Exhibit, by Youth Services, will be in in one Mid-Gallery case near the Magazine Shelves in the Main Gallery.
  • “NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)” Exhibit, by Youth Services and LaserTAB in square pedestal case near the Audio Visual (AV) area of the Main Gallery.
  • “100th Anniversary of End of WWI” Exhibit, by the Blount County Genealogical Historical Society (BCGHS), will be in the vertical case near Audio Visual (AV) area.
  • “Centennial: The War to End All Wars-Poetry” Exhibitby Adult Services, located on top of the Magazine Shelf in the Main Gallery [November Only. Poppy buttons will be given away the week of November 11, while supplies last.]
  • What Are You Thankful For?” Exhibit, by Adult Services, in the Main Gallery between the two Circulation Desks.
World War 1 uniform display Oct 2018 cropped